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We Got Into The Laundry Business By Accident


Nebo Laundry

114 W. 400 S

Payson, UT 84651



     Get Directions


          5AM - 11 PM

    Wash & Fold/Dry Cleaning:

          10 AM - 6 PM

laundromat owners

Our son flooded our laundry room and we had to use the laundromat that we now own. We decided the business/building could use some updating and lots of care so we decided to look into purchasing it. At the time I was teaching 6th grade and our family had two children under 2. My husband was working full-time from home and taking care of our busy babies. Because of this, we decided that I should shift careers and that the laundromat would be a great place for me to work close to home and be able to bring the kids with me from time to time. Plus, who doesn't love the smell of laundry detergent and fabric softener?

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